Any part of the old BSA Company still around?

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Jeff K
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Any part of the old BSA Company still around?

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BSA not only at one time was the largest producers of Motorcycles. But had many small companies as part of it. Machine tools, etc, I have a few taps with BSA on them. The only thing that I have seen new with BSA on was a few made in Chine scopes for rifles a few years back. Does any part of the BSA still exist under it's old name? I have heard that the new Triumphs are being producing in Taiwan and Norton was just purchased by a large Indian company. Over here in the US, i don't think that many of the old timers even realize that BSA even owned Triumph. I wonder how the purchase of Norton will effect getting parts down the road.
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Re: Any part of the old BSA Company still around?

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BSA air guns are still in Armoury Road, there are a few on the machine tool side still going and I think a sintered products concern.
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Re: Any part of the old BSA Company still around?

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Gamo sell BSA branded air guns now...

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Re: Any part of the old BSA Company still around?

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BSA had a lot of subsiduries that traded under their own name
Churchill Engineering is still there as is Bertley Engineering.
'Jessops & Savelle steel both got sucked into the British Steel mergers under the Thatcher government and are now owned by one of the Indian conglomerates, can't remember the name right now but the same mob bought our Wyhalla steel plant & did what BHP should have done if they were more interested in making money from steel that getting government assistance.
BSA branded tooling is long gone.
Motorplas I think is still surviving as is Carbodies , although BSA only owned them for a short while.
Daimler is of course still there from memory they split from Jaguar a while back.

So there are a lot of businesses that were part of the BSA group going strong but not under the BSA brand, however many of them never were .

The board of BSA practiced vertical intergration so when times were good they bought their suppliers.
However in many cases they could not rename them because for instance no other maker would want a set of barrels with BSA cast into them on their bike but Idson was not a problem .

When Dennis Poore did the asset strip of BSA he changed the names of the ones he kept and rebranded a lot of them with his Manganeese Bronze Holding name . We certainly had powder presses branded MBH at one plant where I worked and 2 identical mixers , one branded Sintererd Alloys the other MBH
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