Mead & Tompkinson B50 FRont Brake Conversion

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Mead & Tompkinson B50 FRont Brake Conversion

Postby johnnyrvf » Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:02 am

Hi All, 1st post on this forum.

I know that the M&T B50 enduranced race bike used a conical hub converted to hydraulic operation, I also know the brake was originally designed by an engineer who worked in the car industry and I believe used many Leyland Mini components and dimentions, I also understand that the conversion used Mini slave cylinders and was marketed in the U.K.

My question is does anyone on the forum have any precise details of how the conversion was done ? eg what parts/machining is required and is the brake significantly better than when cable operated?

Thanks Johnny.

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Postby b50root » Tue Oct 14, 2008 6:30 am

Welcome Johnny. <135

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M&T hydraulic front brake

Postby beesa71 » Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:40 pm


I'll second Rickard in that welcome especially to someone who brings a further mention of Mead & Tomkinson (note no 'P' in there though).

Although I've read before the comment about Mini wheel cylinders I can tell you that it took me absolutely ages (years) to find out which wheel cylinders Mike T actually used. They are not Mini which I think were cast iron; Mike T used lighter alloy ones. Also; my conclusion is that they were Mike T designed through and through. If you've studied the handiwork (mostly hand work too) you can see every saw/file mark is very much similar.

I've one brake dismantled and one complete; I'll set about photographing them for you ASAP. Get in touch privately if you want to communicate outside of here (no problems with email to paul(at) - replace as usual).

The brake plate needs both welding and machining.

I cannot confirm that they ever marketed it for retail sale; I think within the M&T community I know of less that half a dozen of them (seen 3 and maybe heard of one or two more actually). I have not seen M&T advertisements offering them for sale; nor in fact any 'race replica' components either. Only at the end of '71 did they advertise a team machine for sale; most other sales seem to have been by word of mouth. If anyone has ANYTHING relating to M&T B50 to add to this do please get in touch

Riders reported no great improvement in brake performance but less fatigue due to less effort being required. Imagine 24 hours at Zolder with just two riders and winning the race overall. Wow! You'd need a pretty good brake. Note that the rear wheel/brake was B44 QD based for the early part of thier B50 period (Y*maha used in the latter years).

Regards to all B50ers.


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Postby minetymenace » Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:48 am

Welcome jonnyrvf

I hope you and paul carry on this conversation here on the forum, or at least report back your findings!

Have fun


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