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pre oif a65 swingarm on b44/25 frame

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 1:14 pm
by webby16
Hi all,

Couldn't find any threads on this in the tech section, apart from the fact I read that the Walker bikes used to have a65 swinging arms fitting to B44's as they are around 3 inches longer than b44 swingarm.

I have done all the measuring and it can be done, just wondering is anyone else has done so?
What was the fit like with a MX rear tyre? the A65 struggles to fit anything around 120 mark.

I would be interested in fitting the later pre oif 1968 onwards swinging arm. Just thought I would ask the question maybe I am going a bit stir crazy during COVID19 lockdown and making more work for little gain. :ban

Thanks all,


Re: pre oif a65 swingarm on b44/25 frame

Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 6:20 pm
by webby16
Well just an update bit the bullet measured up all the differences in the swingarms,

Purchased a late 1969 onwards a65 swingarm with bobbins.

Required very little cutting on the shaft. 3mm difference cut off the near side of the swingarm.

Obviously the hub brake and axle all works as they are used on the a65 also.

Planning on sleeving the inside of the swingarm to reduce the ID from 1"9/16 to 1"5/16 so I can convert to a needle roller bearing and keep the original b25 centee shaft.

Picture of it mocked up I will update on bearing conversion soon.