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Edwards Crossing

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 4:01 am
by 2manyrides
Here's is the TR5MX out for another Journey. Twas back in 2008. I just had my camera strap around my neck so this is a "hand held bikecam". I headed for the Sierra Madres, gased up, visited some friends enroute to Edwards Crossing. North Bloomfield road to edwards crossing of the south fork of the Yuba River is very steep indeed. I had traveled 1/4 the way down when I stopped to begin the movie. Note the reference to Gary, and his favorite part of the road...
Gary was driveing down this in a 65 International travel all. His brakes went completely out.
Had he not smashed it into the left side of the road he'd have surely gone off the deep end on this first turn you see! Quite a drop I assure you.
The road turns into dirt on the other side of the bridge but I didn't want to get it dirty that day.
B50's collect dust. Like it's coming into style!