Electronic box mounts

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Electronic box mounts

Post by Johnq1 »

I have found a company that makes these mounts that are very near match to the original electronic box mounts and they were kind enough to send me three out as a sample, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in these. Cheers John, ps if enough people are interested I will try a bulk buy
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Re: Electronic box mounts

Post by BSA_WM20 »

Depending upon the price I will take a UK prepaid box full which from memory is about 1kg
Otherwise the freight gets silly
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Re: Electronic box mounts

Post by aminto »

If you are still looking for these mounts I have a bag full in Perth WA.
I bought a few extra as the minimum order and the freight charges were prohibitive.
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Re: Electronic box mounts

Post by Momus »

We used 4 of those to mount Brute 330cc Two stroke twins in Jet Ski hulls. About 80 duro.

Embletons in Baker's Rd could supply them.
Very heavy duty for electricz🤔
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Re: Electronic box mounts

Post by 2manyrides »

Though those “riveted to the lid” type are not proper for my 72 ss, I would be concerned about how “squishy” they are. Original items had quite a bit of give and dampening. I went for many years with inferior units because originals were not available. The resulting vibration ruined two separate ignition key units.
Peter at british unit singles has commissioned a suitable replacement to my original electrical box bushings and I am very happy with the way they are holding up.
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