B50 Refurbishment

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B50 Refurbishment

Post by wally99990 »

My progress in getting a B50 back on the road. Might be of interest to some :)

https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyZx ... iFUEkY5qE3
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Re: B50 Refurbishment

Post by Sundodger »

A journey I am about to undertake. I've watched the first two videos and found them to be very interesting, informative and encouraging. I'm still having an internal struggle with trying to decide if I keep my SS as original as possible or go for more of an off road look. I've got a used alloy tank on the way and might match it up with some polished competition side covers and guards.

A buddy of mine in the UK had a DBD34 Gold Star and he had the standard road tank and dual seat for his bike and a highly polished alloy tank, single seat and clip ons so he could change the look to suit his mood! If I did something similar I could have my cake and eat it too I guess.

Must admit, listening to your videos I wouldn't have picked you as a Brummie! I hail from Stoke originally but grew up in Shropshire where my folks still live. Back then, early 70's, you could go to a local farm on the week-end and watch some scrambling or grass track oval racing on the stubble left after the corn was harvested. All from behind the safety of a rope barrier. The OH&S Nazis would have a cardiac arrest if they saw it nowadays :shock: A lot of the local farmers were involved, providing their land and also competing. Sheds and barns were full to the rafters with old Pommie bikes that had been stripped, raced and abandoned and as I recall, many holes were dug and unwanted bikes thrown in before they were back filled. An archaeologists dream in the future. Look forward to watching the rest of your videos, Cheers
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