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Lockdown? Not so bad.

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2020 6:47 pm
by chobbler
I was walking our dog (Bernie) up to the vets for his annual jabs today. I was "working from home" with the missus with me in her role as navigator and poop collector.
They made us wait outside the gaff as is the custom nowadays.
During my reprimand for wearing a disposable mask which is shall we say is a little grubby from good use, I suddenly became aware of a familiar clatter.
While I mentally changed frequencies from medium or long wave, the wife carried on somewhat perplexed as I started gesticulating and fidgeting ats another forum member was approaching on his B44 Victor, blue cloud and all!
I then pointed out my delight at what is the high point of the week, but unfathomably she doesn't agree, so I will be buying my own beer for the next week. :roll: