441 Left Foot Peg installation procedure

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441 Left Foot Peg installation procedure

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I got a rude awaking when the left foot peg suddenly went forward and depressed the brake pedal. Here is how I installed the foot peg:
1. The foot peg threads were stripped on the outer nut when I got the B44. The peg was standing at 0 degrees (straight up) so I had to adjust it.
2. I had to crack the nut to remove the peg foot rest stud.
3. Found a foot rest stud in my stash, cleaned it up with my bead blaster and cleaned the thread in the frame.
4. I made sure that the small end would completely thread into the frame.
5. Mounted the foot rest on the stud and hand tightened it to where I felt the small end threads were tight in the frame.
6. I then put the foot rest positioned at about 11:00 and installed the lock plate, washers and torqued the foot rest nut to about 25 pounds.

While driving in the dirt, I did a small jump while standing on the pegs, and peg went a bit forward and applied the rear break bringing me to a skidding halt. I am thinking that I did not have the foot rest stud completely in the frame, and that with my weight and the force of landing the peg moved an inch or so forward, and applied the brake. I have devised a new procedure to avoid this happening again, but I cannot find any information on the proper torque for the foot rest nut.

Any suggestions about how to make sure the peg cannot go forward? It is a (7/16" B.S.C)
Proper torque value for the Foot rest nut? It is a (7/16" B.S.C) I have an original BSA 441 workshop manual, and it does not list the torque for the foot rest nut.
Blue Loctite? (I would rather not use any thread lock.)

The previous owner had either over torqued the nut, or tried to remove it thinking it was a RH thread. This stripped the threads. I don't want to over torque the nut, as I only had one spare stud.
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