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B25/B50 parts wanted.

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2020 9:10 pm
by homebrew123
Hi everyone, looking for alloy yokes suit B50/B25/TR5T etc, Right steel side panel (top hat rubber or grommet type) Footrest tops with tread plate left and right MX/TR5MX/TR5T Trophy Trail/TR7T Tiger Trail type (not ones with rubbers) left TR5T front footest arm (different to B50 ect) B44/B50 exhaust rocker (must be nos) 3mm aluminium barrel compression spacer B50 (10:1 to 8:1) longer pushrods to suit barrel spacer, or at least as long as the ones fitted to the late B50/TR5MX engines with 1.5mm compression plate. Lucas MCH66 headlight bowl and rim, must be very good but doesn't have to be as new. Lucas 169sa left switch horm/dip/flash or pair of switched with or without levers and lever mounts. New old stock gasket set or just top end set, Also aluminium flanged WM2 40 hole front wheel rim prefer Borrani/Akront, suitable for lacing to BSA/Triumph 8" conical front hub, Aluminium 2.5 gallon fuel tank, either BSA B50 type or Triumph TR5T/TR5MX any condition.
And before anyone comments telling me to look on ebay, I am aware of everything that is listed on ebay for B50 and TR5T etc and I follow it every day, but as you may be aware by the time you have sold your parts on ebay and they have deducted all of the fees, including fees for postage, you would probably be better selling privately, and to be honest I have stopped doing as much on ebay for that very reason, and I prefer to deal with like minded enthusiasts not opportunistic chancers, also I have received parts from ebay sellers that are not as described and have been photographed in such a way as to hide faults etc, hence the reason for trying to buy parts from genuine folk on here and other Groups. Thank you and please send a message if you have any parts that you think I may be interested in. UK only please. Cheers Jon